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Britain in Roman Times
German invasion of Britain
Hadrian's Wall
The Roman Empire C. AD 378


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The World of Roman Costume
Archibald, Z. H.: The Odrysian Kingdom of Thrace: Orpheus Unmasked
Auguet, Roland: Cruelty and Civilization: The Roman Games
Bachrach, Bernard S.: A History of the Alans in the West; From Their First Appearance in the Sources of Classical Antiquity Through the Early Middle Ages
Barer, Philip: The armies and enemies of Imperial Rome: Organisation, tactics, dress and weapons : 150 BC to 600 AD
Becatti, Giovanni: The art of ancient Greece and Rome, from the rise of Greece to the fall of Rome
Bishop, M.C.; Coulston, J. C.: Roman Military Equipment
Bóna, István: The dawn of the Dark Ages: The Gepids and the Lombards in the Carpathian Basin
Boudreau, Eugene H.: Making the Adobe Brick
Brzezinski, Richard; Embleton, Gerry: The Sarmatians 600 BC-AD 450
Burns, Thomas S.: A History of the Ostrogoths
Bury, J. B.: History of the Later Roman Empire: From the Death of Theodosius I to the Death of Justinian
Carroll, Diane Lee: Looms and Textiles of the Copts: First Millennium Egyptian Textiles in the Carl Austin Reitz Collection of the California Academy
Carter, Jane B.; Morris, Sarah P.: The Ages of Homer: A Tribute to Emily Townsend Vermeule
Cassin-Scott, Jack: The Greek and Persian Wars 500-323 BC
Casson, Stanley: Macedonia, Thrace and Illyria: Their relations to Greece from the earliest times down to the time of Philip, son of Amyntas
Cernenko, E. V.; Mcbride, Angus: Scythians 700-300 B.C.
Chadwick, John: Linear B and Related Scripts
Chadwick, John: The Mycenaean World
Collingwood , R. G.: Roman Britain and the English Settlements
Connolly, Peter: Greece and Rome at War
Cotton, Hannah M.; Geiger, Joseph: Masada II: The Yigael Yadin Ecavations 1963-9165 Final Reports/the Latin and Greek Documents
Croom, A. T.: Roman Clothing and Fashion
Dickinson, Oliver: The Aegean Bronze Age
Dio Cassius: Roman History
Dixon, Karen R.: The Roman Cavalry
Dodgeon, Michael H.; Lieu, Samuel N. C.: The Roman Eastern Frontier and the Persian Wars, AD 226-363: A Documentary History
Doxiadis, Euphrosyne: Mysterious Fayum Portraits
Drews, Robert: The End of the Bronze Age
Evans, Robert F.: Legions of imperial Rome: An informal order of battle study
Ferrill, Arther: Fall of the Roman Empire
Fields, Nic; Spedaliere, Donato: Troy C. 1700-1250 BC
Fink, Robert O: Roman military records on papyrus
Finley, M. I.; Knox, Bernard: The World of Odysseus
Fol, Aleksandur; Marazov, Ivan: Thrace & the Thracians
Foxhall, L.: Trojan War: Its Historicity & Context
Gibbon, Edward: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith: The Roman Army at War 100 BC - AD 200
Gordon, Colin Douglas: The age of Attila: Fifth-century Byzantium and the Barbarians
Grant, Michael: Gladiators
Gurney, O. R.: The Hittites
Healy, Mark; Mcbride, Angus: New Kingdom Egypt
Healy, Mark; Mcbride, Angus: The Ancient Assyrians
Henderson, Isabel: The Picts
Herodotus: Historiae
Hoddinott, R. F.: Bulgaria in antiquity: An archaeological introduction
Hoddinott, Ralph F.: Thracians
Homer; Lattimore, Richmond: The Iliad of Homer
Homer; Lattimore, Richmond: The Odyssey of Homer
Hyland, Ann: Equus: The Horse in the Roman World
Hyland, Ann: Training the Roman Cavalry: From Arrian
Johnson, Stephen Johnson: Later Roman Britain (Britain before the Conquest)
Jones, A. H. M.: The Later Roman Empire, 284-602: A Social, Economic, and Administrative Survey
Jorgensen, Lise Bender; Eicher, Antoinette Rast-Eicher; Rogers, Penelope Walton: The Roman Textile Industry and its influence
Juvenal: Sixteen Satires
Karasulas, Antony; Mcbride, Angus: Mounted Archers of the Steppe 600 BC-AD 1300
Kohne, Eckhart; Ewigleben, Cornelia: Gladiators and Caesars: The Power of Spectacle in Ancient Rome
Littleton, C. Scott; Malcor, Linda A.: From Scythia to Camelot: A Radical Reassessment of the Legends of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and the Holy Grai
Lot, Ferdinand: The End of the Ancient World
Luce, John Victor: Celebrating Homer
Luce, John Victor: Homer and the heroic age
MacDowall (Author), Simon; Hook, Christa: Late Roman Cavalryman AD 236-565
MacDowall, Simon; Embleton, Gerry: Late Roman Infantryman AD 236-565
MacDowall, Simon; McBride, Angus: Germanic Warrior AD 236-568
Maclaren, Charles: The Plain of Troy Described: And the Identity of the Ilium of Homer with the New Ilium of Strabo Pro
MacQueen, J. G.: The Hittites: And Their Contemporaries in Asia Minor
Maenchen-Helfen, Otto J.: The World of the Huns: Studies in Their History and Culture
Marazov, Ivan; Fol, Aleksandur; Tacheva-Khitova, Margarita; Venedikov, Ivan: Ancient Gold: The Wealth of the Thracians : Treasures from the Republic of Bulgaria
Martinez, Rafael Trevińo; McBride, Angus: Rome
Maxfield, Valerie A.: The Military Decorations of the Roman Army
McHenry, Paul Grham Jr.: Adobe: Build It Yourself
Meyboom, P. G. P.: The Nile Mosaic of Palestrina: Early Evidence of Egyptian Religion in Italy
Milner, N. P.: Vegetius: Epitome of Military Science
Nicolle, David; Mcbride, Angus: Attila and the Nomad Hordes
Norris, Herbert: Ancient European Costume and Fashion
Ovid: The Erotic Poems
Pfister, R.: The textiles (Excavations at Dura-Europos. Final report 4, pt. 2)
Picq, Charles Jean Jacques Joseph Ardant du: Battle studies: Ancient and modern battle
Radice, Betty: The Letters of the Younger Pliny
Randers-Pehrson, Justine Davis: Barbarians and Romans: The Birth Struggle of Europe, A.D. 400-700
Rice, Tamara Talbot: The Scythians
Robinson, H. Russell: The armour of imperial Rome
Robinson, H. Russell: What the soldiers wore on Hadrian
Scheidel, Walter: Measuring Sex, Age & Death in the Roman Empire: Explorations in Ancient Demography
Schliemann, Heinrich: Ilios: The City and Country of the Trojans
Schliemann, Heinrich: Troja;: Results of the latest researches and discoveries on the site of Homer
Shahid, Irfan: Byzantium and the Arabs in the Fifth Century
Shahid, Irfan: Byzantium and the Arabs in the Fourth Century
Shahid, Irfan: Rome and the Arabs: A Prolegomenon to the Study of Byzantium and the Arabs
Sheridan, Jennifer A.: Columbia Papyri IX. The Vestis Militaris Codex
Simkins, Michael: Roman Army from Caesar to Trajan
Simkins, Michael; Embleton, Ronald: Legions of the North: With visitor information
Sinor, Denis: The Cambridge History of Early Inner Asia
Southern, Pat; Dixon, Karen Ramsey: The Late Roman Army
Spencer, A. J.: Brick Architecture in Ancient Egypt
Sulimirski, Tadeusz; Daniel, Glyn: Sarmatians
Sumner, Graham: Roman Army
Sumner, Graham: Roman Military Clothing (1): 100 BC-AD 200
Sumner, Graham: Roman Military Clothing (2): AD 200-400
The Decipherment of Linear B: Chadwick, John
Thompson, Edward Arthur: History of Attila and the Huns
Todd, Malcolm: The Early Germans
Trilling, James: The Roman Heritage: Textiles from Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean 300 to 600 A.D.
Troy: A Study in Homeric Geography: Leaf, Walter
Valerius Flaccus: Argonautica
Vegetius: Epitoma rei militaris
Vermaseren, M. J.: The excavations in the Mithraeum of the Church of Santa Prisca in Rome
Wachsmann, Shelley: Seagoing Ships & Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant
Wallace-Hadrill, J. M.: Barbarian West 400 - 1000
Webster, Graham: The Roman Imperial Army: Of the First and Second Centuries A.D.
Wees, Hans Van: Status Warriors: War, Violence and Society in Homer and History
Whalley, Joyce Irene: Historia Naturalis: Pliny the Elder
Whitehead, David: Aineias the Tactician: How to Survive Under Siege
Wiedemann, Thomas: Emperors and Gladiators
Wilcox, Peter; Embleton, Gerry: Rome
Wild, John Peter: The caracallus
Window, Martin; McBride, Angus: Imperial Rome at War
Wisdom, Stephen; McBride, Angus: Gladiators: 100 BC-AD 200
Wise, Terence; Hook, Richard Hook: Armies of the Carthaginian Wars 265-146 BC
Wood, Michael: In Search of the Trojan War
Yadin, Yigael: The art of warfare in Biblical lands: In the light of archaeological study
Zhivkova, Liudmila: The Kazanluk tomb
Zosimus: New history


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