Martial Arts

Syllabus for the beginner's class:

1.Basics Welcome to S.A.G.A.
2.Falling 1 First aid
3.Falling 2 Methods of historical research
4.Grappling 1Fiore dei LiberiHistory and it's subsciences
5.Grappling 2Fiore dei LiberiMedieval Masters and the Fechbücher
6.Grappling 3Fiore dei LiberiTournaments
7.Grappling 4Fiore dei LiberiChivalry
8.Dagger 1Fiore dei LiberiDaggers
9.Dagger 2Fiore dei LiberiSwords
10.Messer 1Hans Talhoffer, Johannes LecküchnerShields
16.Messer 2Hans Talhoffer, Johannes LecküchnerVarious
11.Longsword 1Sigmund Ringeck, Liechtenawer traditionThe German School of Fencing
12.Longsword 2Sigmund Ringeck, Liechtenawer traditionVarious
13.Longsword 3Sigmund Ringeck, Liechtenawer traditionArmour
14.Longsword 4Sigmund Ringeck, Liechtenawer traditionVarious
15.Longsword 5Sigmund Ringeck, Liechtenawer traditionVarious
17.Lance 1Sigmund Ringeck, Hans TalhofferVarious
18.Lance 2Sigmund Ringeck, Hans TalhofferVarious
19.Exam preparation Various
20.Exam preparation Various

Syllabus for Scholars:

Syllabus for Free Scholars:

Free scholars are allowed to do their own research and can practice on their own if they wish.

Strength building:

Downloadable from here (in Hungarian).

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