Martial Arts

martial arts

The core activity of our school is the study and reconstruction of medieval fighting techniques. Our aim is to reconstruct these combative systems based exclusively on evidence of scientific research, and also to interpret, imbibe, revive and generally become acquainted with them. Fortunately dozens of contemporary fencing treatises or "Fechtbücher" subsisted, by which - we are convinced thereof - the martial arts of the Middle Ages can be researched and practised. For this purpose we hold regular trainings, where our members and the inquirers can learn the know-how of European combat techniques. We maintain active relations with similar groups abroad and participate in international seminars. We are members of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition (H.E.M.A.C.).

During the trainings we studiously focus on the authenticity of the techniques. Since we practise real and highly effective fighting methods, whose execution with steel weapons are extremely dangerous even with the greatest precaution, free sparring is only allowed in modern protective gears and the most realistic weapon simulators possible.

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Cutting excerciseTechnique in action

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