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Joining the group and getting started.

Martial Arts

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A quick guide for beginners:

Read the introductions found on our web pages here, here and here, the part about the training, along the frequently asked questions here, here and here.

Think it over again whether this is what you really need, and if it is then come to a training. You can find information about training locations and time here or you can inquire by writing an e-mail to the association's . (It is recommended to inquire before coming to a training because due to bad weather it might take place on a different location, or it might be cancelled due to holidays or due to the the association's attending a show.) Take a look at our training and decide whether this is what you want.

If you are still interested after the training, get the necessary equipments. Although a shinai is preferred, even a 120 cm long, strong wooden stick would do for a wooden sword, at the beginning you wouldn't really need anything special. Download and read the rules (it is only available in Hungarian), of our association, fill and sign the application form (available only in Hungarian).

At the beginning of the next semester give us the filled application form. You will be admitted with the rank of beginner. Soon you will receive a mail, containing your username and password for entering the members' section. Besides accessing the "member's only" documents of the association you can also trace your improvements, change your personal data, upload documents, send messages to other members of the group, report absence, order different type of equipments, use the forum and have lots of other useful possibilities.

On our trainings you can learn the basics of the medieval fighting on a 20 lesson basic course. You can find the syllabus here, what you can expect from physical exercises is here (available only in Hungarian). (Don't despair, it can be completed!)

Obtaining the scholar rank:

After completing the first semester to reach a higher rank you have to pass the scholar exam. The exam is not hard, but complex. You have to meet the requirements that are (among others):

  1. You have no debt to the association.
  2. Participation in the work of the association (it is recognized with reward points).
  3. Having the required basic equipments (shinai and/or Feder, fencing mask, fencing gloves).

The exam consists tests of physical condition, theoretical and technical knowledge. On the exact requirements the first level or scholar exam procedure (available only in Hungarian) informs you, and you can find a list of possible exam questions here (available only in Hungarian).

How can I prepare for the exam?

Study and learn the presentations about swords, shields, armour and chivalry (all of them are available only in Hungarian). These and the acquired knowledge on the training constitute the topic of the exam.

To collect the required quantity of reward points check the members section for the reward points table. Choose an activity you can help the association with then apply for it at the party at fault. If you can contribute to an activity not listed in the table, discuss it with the person in charge, who will determine the reward points one can receive for completing it. After completing the task you receive the reward points for that work, but be aware if you miss the deadline and you had not asked for postponing the deadline before reaching it we have to subtract the amount of reward points from your total amount of points instead of adding it to them. You can also receive reward points for extending our database with new links, books, contacts, or description, depiction of the medieval age, etc.

When you have successfully collected the sufficient amount of points for the scholar exam, and have presented and electronically submitted the presentation you prepared, and you possess the specified basic equipments, too., then you can apply for the exam. The exam rules (available only in Hungarian) contain the conditions, practical exercises, while the theoretical questions can be found here (available only in Hungarian).

If you do not pass the exam later you will have another opportunity to try again. If you could successfully pass the exam we welcome you among the Scholars!!! The real training just starts here!!!

Preparing for the shows:

If you are interested not only in martial arts but you also want to appear in live shows you should attend to appearance preparation regularly after the trainings.

Authentic period clothing is one of the primary requirements for the shows (but obviously not the only one). Choose the period you would like to represent, and what kind character you would like to play. Study the pages of the chosen people and period, especially the equipment requirements that determine what you can wear. It is much easier to form a lower rank citizen in most cases, but if you prefer to be a nobleman, be prepared that the preparation will take much longer time and it will be quite expensive. Our historical period consultants can help you in creating or choosing appropriate accurate costume and equipment for the chosen era and you can look around at the partner pages for buying them. In case you know artisans or craftsmen who can be useful for the Association and are not listed in the partner pages you can upload information about them in the members section (for reward points, of course).

Report for an equipment exam when your equipments and clothing are ready. Do it only when your full equipment is complete, as semi-complete and insufficient equipment will not be verified. Your equipment should meet the equipment requirements found in the people and period pages. If you wear anything that can not be found in the equipment requirement then you should tell us prior to the exam and hand over the proof (contemporary writings, sources) why that special object was typical for your characer for that period. If the historical period consultant approves it, the object will be added to the equipment requirement to dismiss the contradiction between the equipment requirement and your equipment to be verified. The most important aspect for the verification is accuracy but we also analyze the quality and the overall appearance of the objects.

Accurate clothing is still far from enough for forming a character. There are lectures about the typical lifestyles and habits of the selected roles and period at the appearance preparation. You can report about these lectures at the so called era exam. The material of the lectures and the era exam questions can be found at the people and period pages.

We hope you will enjoy all the learning, training, and show preparation!

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