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Recently contributed fencing treatises:

BSB Cod.icon. 222
Frederico Hopffer: Duas palavras sobre o jogo de pau
Abstract of cavalry movements: intended for the use of the volunteer corps of Upper and Lower Canada.
Joaquim Ferreira: Arte do jogo do pau
Philipp Mönch: Cod. Pal. germ. 126
Eight principal motions in the attack and defence
Thomas Rowlandson, Francis Harvey: The guards, of the Highland broadsword, as taught at Mr. H. Angelo's academy
Pieter Bailly: Cort Bewijs' Van t'Rapier alleen. Wat veranderingen úijt het verset vanden buijten steeck connen geschieden, met de tegen-veranderinge van dien
Pedro Fernández de Andrada: Libro de la gineta de España
Pedro Fernández de Andrada: De la naturaleza del cauallo…
Don Francisco Lorenz the Rada: Libro primero Arte Del Instrumento Armigero Espada. Por el Maestro de Campo D. Francisco Lorenz de Rada, Vavallero del Orden de Santiago, Marques de las Torres de Rada, Canciller Mayor y Registrador Perpetuo de los Reynos de la Nueva Espana
Martin Merz: BSB-Hss Cgm 599
Saumur: Escrime du sabre
Hans Talhoffer: Coburg Hz.014.
Description of the techniques with the broadsword
Manual Russian cavalry
Captain Rengou: The rule of bayonet fighting training for infantry
K. T. Bulochko: Physical training of military intelligence
FM 21-20 War Department Field Manual - Physical Training
Methodo de manejar a lanca ou pique
Johann Georg Pasch: Dissertatio De Plagio Kaufungiano Anno MCCCCLV. Commisso / Quam Indultu Magnificae ICtorum Facultatis Sub Praesidio ... Dn. Gottfridi Suevi ... Exhibet Johannes-Georgius Pascha, Dresda-Misnicus Ad Diem Decembr. In Auditorio ICtorum
Johann Georg Paschen: Kurtze iedoch gründliche Beschreibung Des Voltesirens/ So wohl auf dem Pferde als über den Tisch : Darinnen gehandelt wird von allen Sprüngen/ als in Sattel zu springen/ wieder herauß/ Reversen/ Troiten/ halben Pomaden/ gantzen Pomaden/ Verwechseln/ etc. wie solches heutiges tages in gebrauch; Mit vielen nothwendigsten Kupffern abgebildet.
Johann Georg Paschen: Florilegum fortificatorium triportitum Oder kurtzte, leichte ... und richtige Anweisung zu der jetzigen Zeit ublichen Krieges-Bau-Kunst oder was derselben anhangig.

Recent presentations:

The Medieval Longbow
log in to read this presentationHistorical European Martial Arts and Re-enactment - Concept, Problems, Approaches
log in to read this presentationFaith and Reason: Robert Holcot and the Existential Assumption in Medieval Logic
log in to read this presentationVlad III the Impaler
Brewing and Consumption of Beer in the Middle Ages
Resurrecting a Hospitaller Knight
SAGA IMTAL presentation
MS 3227a vívókönyv fordítása

Recent entries into the knowledge base: (In Hungarian only)

log in to read this entryMi a mértékletesség lovagnak erénye? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryHogyan erősödhetünk meg alázatosságunkban? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryHogyan mutatkozik meg a barátság erénye? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryHogyan kísérti az ördög az embereket temperamentumuk szerint? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMiért szaporodhat meg az epe és a fekete epe az emberben? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMiért pirul ki a dühös ember arca? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMiért sápad el az ember a dühtől? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMiért sóhajtozik az ember haragjában? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryHogyan keletkezik a könny? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryHogyan jönnek létre az örömkönnyek? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMilyenek a bűnbánatkönnyek? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryHogyan befolyásolja a testalkat az ember természetét? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMi történik akkor, ha a könny nem távozik a szemből? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryLemonwhyt (mandulás-citromos rizs) (ételrecept)
log in to read this entryLencseszirom (ételrecept)

Recent workshop entries:

Diplomatic letter
medieval heavy bombard
walnut ink
Hospitaller flag

11th century shoes
cardweave band
wooden sword
spoon, bowl, cup

Recent book recommendations:

Roger Crowley: 1453 - The Holy War for Constantinople and the Clash of Islam and the West
Adriano Capelli: Lexicon Abbreviaturarum (
Tenison, Eva Mabel: Chivalry and the Wounded - The Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem
Brooke, Elisabeth: Women healers
Waller, John: The Dancing Plague
Roth, Stacy F.: Past into Present: Effective Techniques for First-Person Historical Interpretation
Arnold, B.: Medieval Germany, 500-1300: A political interpretation
Bachrach, B.S.: Fulk Nerra, the Neo-Roman Consul, 978-1040: A Political Biography of the Angevin Count
Bachrach, B.S.: Warfare and Military Organization in pre-Crusade Europe (collected articles)
Church, S. and Harvey, R. (eds): Medieval Knighthood vol. V
Strickland, M.: Armies, Chivalry and Warfare of Medieval Britain and France. Harlaxton Medieval Studies VII
Bowlus, C.R.: Franks, Moravians and Magyars: The Struggle for the Middle Danube, 788-907
Coupland S.: Carolingian Arms and Armor in the Ninth Century
Davies, W: Small Worlds: The Village Community in Early Medieval Brittany
Duby, G. (tr. B.B. Clarke): The Early Growth of the European Economy: Warriors and Peasants from the seventh to the twelfth century
Fehring, G. P. (tr. R. Samson): The Archeology of Medieval Germany: an introduction
Fichtenau H. (tr. P.J. Geary): Living in the Tenth Century: Mentalities and Social Orders
Fleckenstein, J.: Early Medieval Germany
Fouracre, P.: The Age of Charles Martel
France, J.: The Composition and Raising of the Armies of Charlemagne in The Journal of Military History 1

Recent links:

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De re militari ( collection of articles on war history )
Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts
Two Approaches to Training for Swordsmanship - Dakao Do ( Interesting guidelines, with some specific examples, of HEMA fitness training. Retrieved 2013-10-26 15:18 CEST )
Manuscript Miniatures ( loads of contemporary illustrations, tagged )
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Italian shoemaker
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Philadelphia Museum of Art

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American Natural Resources
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