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Lifestyle reconstruction (live interpretaton) pages Történelmi európai harcművészeti oldalak

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What's new:

Recently contributed fencing treatises:

Etrennes à la jeunesse de l'un et de l'autre sexe, utiles et agréables pour former le jugement, orner l'esprit et perfectionner le corps, le tout tiré des meilleurs auteurs
Henry Seishiro Okazaki: The science of self-defense for girls and women
Captain Allan Corstorphin: The secrets of jujitsu, a complete course in self defense.
A fistic expert: Scientific boxing
Marcus Tindal: Self protection on a cycle
Frank D Carr: Break-a-way and kidnapping breaks in girls jiu-jitsu defense
R. Horn, W. J. R. Price, D. D. Jenkins: Attack & Defense - Unarmed combat in pictures
Haakon Schønning: Selvforsvar Jiu-Jitsu Og politigrep (Self Defense, Jiu-Jitsu and Police Grip, Defendu)
S. J. Jorgensen: American Police Jiu Jitsu
John Gilbert Bohun Lynch: The complete boxer
Moshe Feldenkrais: Practical Unarmed Combat
Robert Roth: La lutte
A. Duteau: Pour devenir être bon lutteur
Joe Bloom: Boxing
Max Leusch: Boxen für Alle
Frederick R Toombs: Jiu jitsu, the effective Japanese mode of self-defense; illustrated by snapshots of K. Koyama and A. Minami, well known native experts.
W. Bruce Sutherland: Ju-jitsu Self Defense: A Selection of Ju-Jitsu And other Secret Holds, Locks And Throws
5 "short-cut" lessons to good boxing ; Mass boxing ; Success through boxing, Book one.
Scientific blows and guards, Book two : what blows to use ; what blows to expect and how to guard against them.
Athletic Exercise Or, The Science of Boxing displayed Containing An Account of the most celebrated Boxers of this Country, from the Time of Broughton to that of the present Heroes, Johnson, Ryan, Humphreys, and Mendoza the Jew ; From the Year 1742 to 1788 ; Including Their Battles, Manœvres, Names, Letters, Challenges, and puffing Advertisements, from the Papers of that Time to the present Day
Wolfram Werner: Jiu Jitsu, Judo : die hohe Schule zur Reifung des Fortgeschrittenen
Wolfram Werner: Ring-Sport neu gesehen II. - Die Kampfschule des Fortgeschrittenen
Wolfram Werner: Ring-Sport neu gesehen I. - Teil : Die Grundschule des Anfängers

Recent presentations:

The Medieval Longbow
log in to read this presentationHistorical European Martial Arts and Re-enactment - Concept, Problems, Approaches
log in to read this presentationFaith and Reason: Robert Holcot and the Existential Assumption in Medieval Logic
log in to read this presentationVlad III the Impaler
Brewing and Consumption of Beer in the Middle Ages
Resurrecting a Hospitaller Knight
SAGA IMTAL presentation
MS 3227a vívókönyv fordítása

Recent entries into the knowledge base: (In Hungarian only)

log in to read this entryMi a könyüröletesség hét ága? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMiért a mértékletesség a legfőbb erény? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMiért nevet az ember és mi a kapcsolata a nevetésnek a testi gyönyörrel? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMiért hullat néha az ember nevetéskor könnyeket? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryHogyan alakul ki a nevetés? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryMiért nevet könnyen, akinek csaponganak a gondolatai? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryFlore frittours (sült tökvirág) (ételrecept)
log in to read this entryAmyndoun seaw (zöldséges zabkása) (ételrecept)
log in to read this entrySzent János rizse (mazsolás risz szentjánoskenyér krémmel) (ételrecept)
log in to read this entryCaudele Almaunde (ételrecept)
log in to read this entryAngolnás - halikrás torta (ételrecept)
log in to read this entryHalas tészta (ételrecept)
log in to read this entryMi a mértékletesség lovagnak erénye? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryHogyan erősödhetünk meg alázatosságunkban? (hiedelem)
log in to read this entryHogyan mutatkozik meg a barátság erénye? (hiedelem)

Recent workshop entries:

Diplomatic letter
medieval heavy bombard
walnut ink
Hospitaller flag

11th century shoes
cardweave band
wooden sword
spoon, bowl, cup

Recent book recommendations:

Roger Crowley: 1453 - The Holy War for Constantinople and the Clash of Islam and the West
Adriano Capelli: Lexicon Abbreviaturarum (
Tenison, Eva Mabel: Chivalry and the Wounded - The Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem
Brooke, Elisabeth: Women healers
Waller, John: The Dancing Plague
Roth, Stacy F.: Past into Present: Effective Techniques for First-Person Historical Interpretation
Arnold, B.: Medieval Germany, 500-1300: A political interpretation
Bachrach, B.S.: Fulk Nerra, the Neo-Roman Consul, 978-1040: A Political Biography of the Angevin Count
Bachrach, B.S.: Warfare and Military Organization in pre-Crusade Europe (collected articles)
Church, S. and Harvey, R. (eds): Medieval Knighthood vol. V
Strickland, M.: Armies, Chivalry and Warfare of Medieval Britain and France. Harlaxton Medieval Studies VII
Bowlus, C.R.: Franks, Moravians and Magyars: The Struggle for the Middle Danube, 788-907
Coupland S.: Carolingian Arms and Armor in the Ninth Century
Davies, W: Small Worlds: The Village Community in Early Medieval Brittany
Duby, G. (tr. B.B. Clarke): The Early Growth of the European Economy: Warriors and Peasants from the seventh to the twelfth century
Fehring, G. P. (tr. R. Samson): The Archeology of Medieval Germany: an introduction
Fichtenau H. (tr. P.J. Geary): Living in the Tenth Century: Mentalities and Social Orders
Fleckenstein, J.: Early Medieval Germany
Fouracre, P.: The Age of Charles Martel
France, J.: The Composition and Raising of the Armies of Charlemagne in The Journal of Military History 1

Recent links:

The Complete Resource Guide for Cooking ( Packed with information about the history of food and cooking )
Medicine in Medieval Times
Medieval Names Archive
Resource Guide to Norse Mythology
Architecture, Designs, and Clothing of the Medieval Lifestyle
Armour Archive
Medieval Manuscript Manual
Chivalric Fighting Arts Association ( Auerswald, Fiore, longsword, german school, training methods )
De re militari ( collection of articles on war history )
Grauenwolf's Study of Western Martial Arts
Two Approaches to Training for Swordsmanship - Dakao Do ( Interesting guidelines, with some specific examples, of HEMA fitness training. Retrieved 2013-10-26 15:18 CEST )
Manuscript Miniatures ( loads of contemporary illustrations, tagged )
Resource Guide to Medieval Times ( a resource page on various aspects of medieval lifestyle )
German Renaissance Research
Bohemia Beauty ( glassware )
Italian shoemaker
Livrustkammaren, Stockholm
Higgins Armoury
Art Institute of Chicago

Recent contacts:

American Natural Resources
Rayno Rivet Specialties Inc
American Coal Sales, Inc.
Terry English
Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
The Arms & Armour Society
Empire of Chivalry and Steel
Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
Jewelry Institute of America
Regia Anglorum
Bell Creek Iron Works
Old Tools
Alaskan Copper & Brass Company
Atlas Metal Sales
Talbot's Fine Accessories
Gaukler Medieval Wares
Valentine Armouries
Sitrling Brown
Michal Dabek

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